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New Jobs and Job Titles

There are changes afoot in the corporate world -- jobs and job titles are evolving. Work-at-home jobs are becoming more mainstream and less of a rip-off. Companies are relying on WAH people who go beyond the older opportunities. Tech companies that already have a trained cadre of professionals who know the ropes are starting to staff their (old) support staff positions with (new) success staff who often work from home and on flex time. Some companies are very aggressively working with part-timers and are even proiding benefits.


The changes in structure and terminology are also moving into the educational world as shown in this article from the New York Times.


Maybe this is all part of the evolution of technology and the world it touches as the New York Times discusses here

Here are a few of the opportunities and new vocabulary. Jesse and Joe will be talking about the topic on The Roundtable Febriarury 25, 2020 at 11:30 AM.

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