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Champlain Arts

Champlain Arts is Jesse's website for apps, books, and other projects. Find more details under Works and Blog. Use the Contact form to get in touch.

Champlain Arts App Privacy Policy

  • Minutes Machine

You can enter and save data into Minutes Machine as you wish. The data is saved automatically in files that can be accessed through the built-in Files app. In Settings you can specify if this data is to be stored locally on a device such as an iPad or iPhone, in iCloud, or in another web-based tool such as DropBox. (You must have the appropriate accounts to store your data using these tools.)  Once you have selected where your data will be stored, it is stored automatically for you as necessary. You can use the Files app to move or rename the documents you have created. You can use the Share button to share your data with other people. No data is shared without your permission. Note that tools such as Time Machine, iCloud and Dropbox may automatically store the data in your account for backup purposes. The fip side of that is that you are responsible for creating and saving backup copies of your data.


Your data is your own; we have no access to it unless you have specifically asked us to trouble-shoot an issue. In that case, we will probably ask you to send us the relevant backup file.


Tip: When using a new device, double-check the backup settings. If you are relying on automatic backups that were set on another device, you may find out that the settings from the other device are not being used and you may not have the backups you think you have.