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Organizing Tagged Data

Jesse joins Joe Donahue again on October 2, 2023 (and on the the WAMC podcast thereafter) to talk about organizing data on your computer(s).  We'll talk about how to do it and what not to do on Macs, PCs and the Web.


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Interactive Whiteboards

Jesse joins Joe Donahue on WAMC to talk about digital whiteboards—what they are, how to use them, and why they're important.


Further Information:

Interactive whiteboards on Wikipedia 

Further Information: Interactive whiteboards on Wikipedia 


Apple Freeform




Microsoft Whiteboard 

Microsoft Whiteboard


Zoom Whiteboards 




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Herbert Berghof: Making Theater

A sample of my  book on Herbert Berghof's directing and teaching is now available for pre-orders on Apple Books at https://books.apple.com/us/book/directed-by-herbert/id6449135857

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Jesse Feiler with Joe Donahue on WAMC Roundtable 2023-06-19

Joe and Jesse will be talking about books and where they come from. The publishing landscape has changed a lot since the era of Bennet Cerf and Michael Korda. We'll consider how some of the changes affect readers, authors and the people in the vast publishing world (editors, designers, printers, agents and many more.


We'll talk about how a book is published (writing,editing—developmental, content, line, proofreading as well as marketing) and how this is and isn't changing with new players and new technologies.


We'll explore the new landscape of traditional publishing, indie publishing, print on demand self-publishing as time permits.


As of AAP data in the US  from March 2023, US revenue from books was $883.5 million of which $710.9 was from trade (consumer) books. eBook revenue continues to grow with $88.1 million (an increase of 12.2% over last year. Digital audio is up 14.1% to $66.2, while physical audio (CDs) is down 43.4% to $700 thousand.


In the world of print, March hardback revenues were down 1% to $243.1 million, paperbacks up 0.3% to $268.2 million and mass market down 9.5% to $13.0 million.


Links for more Info:


Asssociation of American Publishers Data & Statistics https://publishers.org/data-and-statistics/

Publishing Scams from Authors Guild https://authorsguild.org/resource/reported-publishing-scams/

The Authors Guild Guide to Self-Publishing https://authorsguild.org/resource/guide-to-self-publishing/

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